Water War against Pakistan


Water War against Pakistan

By Yousaf Alamgirian

After having introduced numerous kinds of strategies and counter strategies India has now gone malicious by showing its intentions to build more than half century dams on Chenab, Jhelum and Indus river tributaries. The philosophy behind this is nothing than to make Pakistan a barren land. Pakistan is an agricultural country and its 75 percent population relies upon agriculture. So these dams can be termed as to compromise Pakistan’s sovereignty. Unfortunately none of the Pakistani government could manage to compel India to get rid of such plans. Pakistan even failed to raise this issue at an international forum.  Although international powers including America will never ever support Pakistan in any of its resolve to advancement still Pakistan can highlight the same at humanitarian forums and can take this issue to international court of justice by highlighting Indian ingenious designs against Pakistan.

It is not only inhuman at the part of India to stop water of Pakistan but is sheer violation of Indus-Basin treaty being signed between two countries in 1960. However it is not the first time that India is stopping Pakistan’s water. India’s malevolent designs are obvious from the Story of Pakistan website which narrates “On April 1, 1948, India stopped the supply of water to Pakistan from every canal flowing from India to Pakistan. Pakistan protested and India finally agreed on an interim agreement on May 4, 1948. This agreement was not a permanent solution; therefore, Pakistan approached the World Bank in 1952 to help settle the problem permanently. Negotiations were carried out between the two countries through the offices of the World Bank. It was finally in Ayub Khan’s regime that an agreement was signed between India and Pakistan in September 1960. This agreement is known as the Indus Water treaty. This treaty divided the use of rivers and canals between the two countries. Pakistan obtained exclusive rights for the three western rivers, namely Indus, Jehlum and Chenab. And India retained rights to the three eastern rivers, namely Ravi, Beas and Sutluj. The treaty also guaranteed ten years of uninterrupted water supply. During this period Pakistan was to build huge dams, financed partly by long-term World Bank loans and compensation money from India. Three multipurpose dams, Warsak, Mangla and Tarbela were built. A system of eight link canals was also built, and the remodeling of existing canals was carried out. Five barrages and a gated siphon were also constructed under this treaty.”

India violating this treaty has started construction of 62 dams on the Jhelum, Chenab and Indus rivers whose exclusive rights were obtained by Pakistan. Although Pakistan took Baglihar dam case to the international court of justice but couldn’t achieve success which instigated India to go for more dams.  On the other hand Pakistan has also failed to make more dams. We only build Terbela and Mangla dams which is not sufficient for our needs. Even after 64 years our nation has failed to reach at a point where we could get a consensus to construct dams like Kalabagh. Recent floods have shown the need that Pakistan must have big dams for the country. But every time when the issue was raised it was made political. Different political parties have used this issue to get political mileage. There were reports that India has distributed billion of rupees fund to its assets to evolve pressure against construction of such dams.  If we had dams we would haven’t faced such a bigger loss during the 2010 floods which inundated many of the cities and villages of the four provinces. Floods and natural disasters never differentiate among the provinces or areas. These are for every citizen residing any part of the motherland. So the Kalabagh sort of projects are not for one province these are for all the provinces. It will benefit Pakistan in the longer run but how to make realize the people who are using the same for the vested interests. They people sabotaging this project don’t have any logic to oppose. They criticize it for the sake of criticism.

We the Pakistanis can never expect any good from India as it has to do its dirty job which it is doing since the inception of Pakistan. India, through its conspiracies and physical intervention in East Pakistan divided Pakistan in to two parts. It has signed defense deals with almost all the major countries like USA, France, Russia, Israel and England. These deals are other than the civil nuclear technology deal which it has signed with America. Pakistan is front line state of USA in WOT still it is hesitant to give civil nuclear technology to Pakistan maligning it may fall into terrorists hands. However the stories have published that the American citizen Raymond Davis who murdered two Pakistanis was engaged with anti Pakistan elements busy in destabilization of Pakistan. So American propagates only those things for which they initiate efforts at their own end and when they succeed in preparing some proof they start media bombardment to malign certain nations by building opinions against them.

World while needing to realize the gravity of the matter must step forward to solve Pak-India problems in greater interest of the regional peace. For this powers like USA have to show impartiality which is missing for the time being. If India doesn’t stop itself from creating unrest on water issue then it is obvious that the next war could be on the same as Pakistan will be in a thick soup after the completion of India’s various dams and big reservoirs which are now at various stages of development.

Yousaf Alamgirian is Rawalpindi, Pakistan based freelance columnist.



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