Wayne’s Analysis of Pakistan Part 1


Wayne’s Analysis of Pakistan Part 1

Editor’s Note: These reports have been compiled from our archieves and being published for the interest of the readers.

January 3, 2008 — Bhutto had report on US money used to rig Pakistan election

Pakistan’s late opposition leader Benazir Bhutto was preparing to hand over to Pennsylvania Republican Senator Arlen Specter and Rhode Island Democratic Representative Patrick Kennedy as report compiled by her Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) on the use by the Pervez Musharraf regime of funds supplied by the Bush administration to rig the Pakistani election in favor of Musharraf’s Pakistan Muslim League-Q (PML-Q) Party.

The 160-page report was based on information passed on by PPP informants inside Pakistan’s intelligence and law enforcement infrastructure and Musharraf’s government. The plans included staging “false flag” terrorist attacks at key polling stations where the opposition would be strongest, hacking into vote tabulation computers at the Central Election Commission and other election computers around the country to flip votes to Musharraf’s candidates, and using signals intelligence (SIGINT) and other monitoring equipment, paid for by the United States, to affect the outcome of the election. The Pakistani Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) was to conduct the illegal operation from a secure location in Islamabad, the Pakistani capital.

The corporate media is beginning to cast aspersions on the PPP report, suggesting it had nothing to do with Bhutto’s assassination. However, on the eve of the Iowa caucuses in the United States and memories of massive election engineering in Florida in 2000 and Ohio in 2004, these revelations about “election engineering” involving Pakistani and American intelligence may have consequences far from Pakistan.

Ironically, the PPP report was to be handed to Specter, the author of the cockamamie “single bullet theory” in the Warren Report on President John Kennedy’s assassination and Patrick Kennedy, the nephew of the slain president. Bhutto was cut down in an assassination hours before she was to give the two lawmakers a copy of the report.

WMR is currently attempting to procure a copy of the entire PPP report.

Details on American involvement in election engineering in Pakistan will surely have an impact on recent dubious close elections and referendums involving reported widespread tampering, including those in Kenya, Mexico, France, Ukraine, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Italy, and Germany.

August 6, 2009 — Blackwater linked to political murders and sex ring

Explosive affidavits filed in the US District Court in Eastern Virginia in Alexandria by two ex-employees of Blackwater have thrown more light on the murky operations of the private military firm and its chief Erik Prince. Blackwater renamed itself Xe after it received a flurry of bad press following the killing by its security personnel of a number of Iraqi civilians on a Baghdad square on September 16, 2007. The two ex-employees are cited as “John Doe #1” and “John Doe #2” in their depositions in an Alien Tort Claims Act case brought against Blackwater by the families of the murdered Iraqis .

In his deposition,John Doe #1, a former Marine hired by Blackwater, alleges that Blackwater smuggled weapons into Iraq in bags of dog food. He also states that a number of people who provided or were prepared to provide information to authorities on the activities of Blackwater and Prince “have been killed in suspicious circumstances.” Doe #1 also confirms previous reports that Blackwater did nothing to prevent its personnel in Iraq from killing or seriously injuring Iraqi civilians.

John Doe #2’s deposition contains even more explosive revelations about Prince and Blackwater. Doe #2 states that Prince and his top manager, Gary Jackson, personally oversaw all Prince Group operations. Prince Group consists of Blaclkwater (Xe) and related firms. Doe #2 alleges that Prince transferred funds from Blackwater to another Prince Group firm, Greystone, to engage in money laundering and tax evasion.

Greystone was established in Barbados and WMR reported on the firm on October 13, 2007: “Blackwater USA’s international marketing branch, Greystone, Ltd., registered as an International Business Company in Barbados, is beginning to create a political stir in the Caribbean island nation.

Recently, Erik Prince, Blackwater’s Chairman and CEO, testified under oath to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that Blackwater did not market foreign governments to provide security services. He testified that the only foreign contracts performed by Blackwater were under license from the U.S. government. However, Greystone’s website states the following about the subsidiary’s foreign marketing: ‘Greystone is an international security services company that offers your country or organization a complete solution to your most pressing security needs.  We have the personnel, logistical support, equipment, and expertise to solve your most critical security problems.’

Prince seems to have omitted Greystone as a Blackwater firm during his congressional testimony. Or he perjured himself under oath. Blackwater’s presence in Barbados, under the corporate confidentiality regimes of the Caribbean island nation’s off-shore corporation hosting legal contrivances, has stirred up opposition in the country.

Bajans are pointing to Prime Minister Owen Arthur’s Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs Senator Lynette Eastmond, who has oversight authority for foreign corporations in Barbados.”

John Doe #2 also states that Prince “views himself as a Christian crusader tasked with eliminating Muslims and the Islamic faith from the globe.” He adds, “to that end, Mr. Prince intentionally deployed to Iraq certain men who shared his vision of Christian supremacy, knowing and wanting these men to take every available opportunity to murder Iraqis. Many of these men used call signs based on the Knights of the Templar, the warriors who fought the Crusades.”

The connection of Prince, a convert to Roman Catholicism and a member of the right-wing Opus Dei sect, to the Knights Templar is noteworthy. The last official Grand Master of the Knights Templar, Jacques de Molay, was burned at the stake under orders of French King Philip IV. The Templars’s loyalties were suspect by the King and Pope Clement V. Clement dissolved the Knights Templar as a result. DeMolay apparently cursed Philip IV and Clement V before his death in 1314. That same year, Philip IV died and Clement, according to a Masonic source, was defenestrated from a window in Rome, dying as a result of his fall. The alleged cooperation between Opus Dei and the secretive Knight Templar Masonic sect is reminiscent of the past links between the Masonic P-2 (Propaganda Due) lodge and the Vatican.

Doe #2 also stated that Prince constantly used such racist terms as “rag heads” and “hajis” to refer to Iraqis and other Arabs. He also states that Blackwater employees with known drug, alcohol, and mental problems were returned to duty in Iraq over the wishes of corporate medical staff.

Prince is also accused of obtaining illegal ammunition from LeMas, a firm that produces bullets that explosively fragment after penetrating the body. Prince used the illegal ammunition to inflict maximum damage on Iraqis, according to Doe #2. The former employee also stated that Prince did nothing to stop Blackwater men from using prostitutes, including child prostitutes, at Blackwater’s “Man Camp” in Iraq. Prince is also accused of tolerating a wife-swapping and sex ring among his top executives in North Carolina. Prince had his general counsel, Joseph Schmitz (spelled Schmidt in deposition), investigate the ring and prepare a report. Schmitz is the son of the late ultra-right wing Representative John Schmitz (R-CA), who was embroiled in a sex scandal involving molestation of an infant boy, and the brother of Mary Kay Letorneau, a Washington state school teacher jailed for the statutory rape of a 13-year old male student (whi she later married).

Prince is also accused of smuggling illegal weapons into Iraq, including semi-automatic machine guns with silencers, aboard his firm’s private planes that flew as Presidential Airlines. The affidavit also states that Blackwater’s Chief Financial Officer, Roy Mettinger, resigned and stated he was not willing to go to jail for Erik Prince.

The presiding judge in the civil case against Blackwater is T.S. Ellis, the same judge who permitted the government to drop the charges against two former American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) officials for espionage involving former Pentagon official Larry Franklin. Ellis approved the motion that saw Franklin not serve any prison time stemming from his conviction in the criminal case. 

August 21-23, 2009 — Why the House Intelligence Committee cannot investigate Blackwater-CIA operations

One would think that Congress’s most longtime and fiercest critics of private military companies like Blackwater (now Xe), Representative Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), would be out-of-the-box in providing details of Blackwater’s assassination contracts with the CIA. However, Schakowsky, who is chairman of the House Subcommitee on Intelligence Oversight and Investigations, the key committee that should be rigorously investigating the CIA’s contracts to Blackwater to carry out assassinations reportedly with ground teams and drone aircraft, is dragging her feet on any meaningful investigation.

Schakowsky, in response to questions about how much the Intelligence Committee knew about the Blackwater-CIA contracts before it was reported in the New York Times is giving the standard “can neither confirm nor deny” whether the committee knew about the hit team contracts before the published news reports.

Schakowsky has other reasons to be careful about what she says about Blackwater and the CIA. WMR reported that Schakowsky was the unnamed congresswoman cited in the Ohio Election Commission deposition of former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds as the target of a Turkish Lobby lesbian honey trap blackmail scheme involving a female employee of the American Turkish Council (ATC) in Washington, DC. The Turkish agents who monitored the trysts have video and audio proof of the encounters between Schakowsky and the Turkish employee in what the FBI called a “hooking process.”

Last year, Tacidar Seyhan, a member of Turkey’s Republican People’s Party and a member of the Parliamentary Phone Tapping Research Committee, revealed that private Turkish entities were conducting illegal electronic surveillance for purposes of political blackmail. The revelations about the ATC points to the Turkish blackmail operations being conducted far from Turkey’s shores.

Blackwater has been accused of smuggling weapons through Iraq to Kurdish guerrillas in Turkey. Recent allegations that Kurdish Workers Party (PKK) terrorist attacks in Turkey have been “false flags” carried out by the “deep state” Ergenekon and the allegations by Edmonds that the ATC and its affiliates in Washington are part of the Turkish “deep state” point to possible long-time collusion between Blackwater and Turkish intelligence. The fact that Turkish intelligence successfully blackmailed Schakowsky, the major congressional opponent of Blackwater’s operations, could not have come as better news to the firm.

With the CIA and Blackwater/Xe vigorously opposed to any further details of their cooperation emerging, there is the strong possibility that Turkish state intelligence has shared its “take” with the CIA and Schakowsky is, once again, being blackmailed into submission as she was when the ATC and its sister organization, the Israeli AIPAC lobby, pressured her to back down on her support for an Armenian genocide resolution in the House. Blackwater security personnel are also active in Israel.

Such juicy blackmail information certainly may have ended up in the hands of those CIA officials who went to work in senior executive positions for Blackwater, including the CIA’s former chief of the Counterterrorism Center Cofer Black, former chief of the CIA’s Near East and South Asia Division Robert Richer, former CIA Special Operations Group official Enrique “Ric” Prado, and Alvin “Buzzy” Krongard, who, while his brother Howard “Cookie” Krongard was blocking an investigation of the State Department’s contracts with Blackwater while serving as State’s Inspector General, was serving on Blackwater’s advisory board.In addition, Joseph Schmitz, the Pentagon’s former Inspector General, was hired on as the general counsel for the Prince Group, the parent company of Erik Prince’s Blackwater.

It is also reported that after CIA director George Tenet canceled the CIA’s contract with Blackwater. His replacement, Porter Goss, renewed the deal. Goss’s Executive Director, Kyle “Dusty” Foggo, now jailed for fraud and corruption, would have been involved in hammering out the CIA’s renewed contract with Blackwater. Foggo, as reported by WMR, had a personal and business relationship with Pamela Martin & Associates proprietor, his old friend from San Diego the late Deborah Jeane Palfrey, to provide escorts for the agency for clandestine tasks. That activity also involved providing escorts for Washington hotel “poker parties” at which Goss, Foggo, and jailed former Representative Randy “Duke” Cunningham were present. Cunningham served as chairman of the powerful House Armed Services Appropriations subcommittee, which approved Blackwater’s Pentagon contracts. Blackwater, according to recent court depositions in Alexandria, Virginia, is accused to running a prostitution camp in Baghdad, that also involved the use of children.

Blackwater’s Total Intelligence Solutions serves as a private CIA, sucking up intelligence from overt sources and, as expected, from covert sources, including Turkish intelligence sources, generated over the years by retired CIA clandestine services officers now working for the Xe private intelligence-gathering division.

In 2003, an ATC delegation headed up by Bush and Ford former national security adviser Brent Scowcroft visited Turkey. Also in Turkey at the time was Cofer Black, who became the head of counterterrorism at the State Department after leaving his position at the CIA. Black also headed up the Counter-Terrorism Policy Advisory Group for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. Erik Prince’s sister Betsy is married to top Romney supporter and Amway heir Dick DeVos, a one-time candidate to fill the Michigan gubernatorial office once held by Romney’s father. Joining Black as an adviser to Romney was Cal Temple, retired chief of the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Current/Crisis Terrorism Intelligence Branch and an executive vice president of Total Intelligence Solutions.

The connections between Blackwater and the CIA now indicate that the Pentagon entity that was working closely with Langley in paramilitary assassination operations was largely composed of Blackwater contractors.

Many in Congress are demanding an explanation for the CIA’s contracts with Blackwater, especially as the firm is facing allegations in an Alexandria, Virginia Alien Tort Claims Act trial that it purposely killed innocent Arabs and Muslims in some sort of neo-Crusade. The Congress can begin its investigation in earnest by doing a bit of internal house cleaning — that is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Intelligence Committee Sylvestre Reyes should immediately ask for Schakowsky to resign as Intelligence Oversight and Investigations subcommittee chairman and from the House Intelligence Committee. As long as compromising evidence of her “hooking processes” are in the hands of her opponents, her presence on the committee ensures that those Blackwater and CIA employees involved in committing abuses will not face any consequences for their actions.

With Schakowsky being blackmailed there is little hope that her subcommittee can look into the contracts between the CIA and Blackwater/Xe, let alone the operations of the Prince Group’s other murky entities, including Presidential Airways, Greystone Ltd. of Barbados, Falcon, EP Investments, Xe Airships, Total Intelligence Solutions, and Raven Development Group.


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