Reciting quran without Wudu

Reciting quran without Wudu


At work its easier for me to read the Quran on the internet as I am on the computer for 8 hrs.  I was wondering if it is permissible to read the Quran on the internet without wudu’?  I asked a local Shaykh and he implied that the obligation of having wudu’ is only when one is touching the Quran but not merely reading it without touching it.

Walaikum assalam,

In general, it is permitted to recite the Qur’an without touching it when one is not in a state of minor ritual impurity.

It is superior, when reasonably possible, for one to do wudu.

In a state of major ritual impurity, it is not permitted to recite the Qur’an. [Ala’ al-Din Abidin, Gifts of Guidance]

The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Knowledge is only through study.” While some knowledge can be gained from reading quran online or casually listening to lectures, and listen quran through the best means to gain knowledge is through finding a qualified teacher and then setting up a systematic program to read quran online. Picking up a book or reading an article and trying to figure things out on our own is no substitute for learning from someone who has a direct link to our living tradition find more Islamic articles and quranic knowledge through quran blog and plz do spread the true knowledge as much as you and Allah knows best. quran reciter


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