The Beauty of Quran Reciter

One of the miracles of holy Quran is that whoever recites it, even if someone doesn’t know Arabic language, will be completely obsessed by the wordings and teachings of Qur’an expressed in tremendous way. The one who hears holy Quran Reciter feels his heart trembling and quivering by the superiority of Allah (SWT).

The Qur’an is not a new heavenly scripture. It is an authentic edition of the previous heavenly scriptures. In this respect, the Qur’an is a book for all human beings, of all nations. It is the expression of God’s mercy for one and for all. It is a complete message sent by God for every one of us. The Qur’an is a light of guidance for whole world just as the sun is the source of light and heat for whole universe.


There are so many benefits of reciting Quran; a single alphabet in Quran earns 10 virtues for Muslims who recites it. The other benefits of Quran Recitation are:

1.    Reflecting over the Quran fulfils an Islamic duty and brings you closer to Allah

2.    Quran will be our evidence on the Day of Judgment and will save us from the fire of Hell

3.    Don’t neglect or retreat from The Quran, it will speak for us on the Day of Judgment

4.    Your status in this life will be raised

5.    When you learn the Quran and teach it to others, you become the best among people

6.    Each letter you recite from the Quran earns you ten rewards. There are ten rewards for each letter you recite from the Quran

7.    Those who recite Quran will be accompanied by the noble and pious angels

8.    Greater the Quran you recite in this life, the greater will be your position in the afterlife

9.    The Quran shows the way you can reach heaven

10.    read Quran it is a miraculous source of physical and spiritual healing

We are luckily blessed with the prestigious book of Holy Qur’an. We should recite and understand it to get guidance for this life and for the life hereafter. It will not only guide us to the right path but also lead us to our destiny.


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